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How to Purchase

Gift cards are zoned. Take note that if you buy a gift card in the country of choice you can only purchase on that country’s Microsoft store. For example, if you want to buy a game on Canadian store, you must purchase a gift card in Canadian dollars (CAD), in Argentina an ARS card, Turkey a TRY card etc.

It’s no longer possible to purchase foreign gift cards on the official Microsoft website (after their update). We have added different marketplaces to purchase gift cards with ease. Official link to Microsoft gift cards are also available for those wanting to buy in their respective countries.

G2A, MTCgame and Gamivo are the cheapest digital markets for gift cards. Simply click on either link under available cards and make your purchase through them.

Don’t know how to redeem xbox gift cards or codes? Want to get games cheaper using the gift card trick? Click below for more details or grab more gift cards after your purchase!

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